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Give Your Interiors a Fresh New Look with Marz Painting Services Contractors. We Serve Your Painting Needs in Davis, CA, Sacramento, CA, and Nearby Areas!

Marz Painting Services is the trusted interior and exterior painting service contractor in Davis, CA, and Sacramento, CA. Our team of professional painters is here to give your homes a brand new look at an affordable rate.

We serve homes and businesses throughout Davis, CA, Sacramento, CA, Elk Grove, CA, and Folsom, CA. Browse our wide range of painting expertise below:

Residential Services

Exterior Painting. With our professional painting services, let’s give your facade and other exterior areas a makeover. Exterior painting doesn’t only give your home a statement, but it also protects your home from damage.

Interior Painting. Do you want to change your interior’s ambiance? Paint is the main thing that can help you achieve that with our professional painting services for rooms, walls, and more.

Cabinet, Door, Siding, Trim & Baseboard, and Window Painting. We’re no strangers to worn, chipped, and scratched cabinets, doors, sidings, trims, baseboards, and windows. Let’s give them a brand new feel with our expert painting services.

Ceiling & Wall Painting. Your ceilings and walls are the first clues that give away your house’s age and the inevitable wear and tear it goes through every day. Make sure you’re giving it the care it deserves with regular repaintings.

Commercial Services. Let your shop or office be your first brand ambassador and attract more customers with our commercial painting services!

Color Matching. Are you trying to achieve a specific color for your home or commercial spaces? We offer expert color matching services for high-quality finishes.

Staining & Varnishing. Staining and varnishing give homes and commercial spaces and furniture a handsome, classic look. Make your area a stunning piece with our staining and varnishing services.

Wallpaper Removal. Do you want to change your wallpapers? Let us do the hard work for you with our wallpaper removal services!

Look no further for painting contractors than Marz Painting Services! We offer virtual consultations to help achieve the look you aim for in your home and offices.

Exterior Painting Contractors
Exterior Painting Contractors